Eushully Wiki

With the help of this wiki, I was able to enjoy Kamidori to the fullest. Now, I wish to pay it forward by heavily contributing to the Amayui section of the wiki since I enjoyed that game too and noticed there might be increased interest in the game due to an ongoing English translation project by ZAP. I hope my contributions are helpful.

I am also a contributor to an attempt to make VisualNovelReader's translated dialogue in Amayui Castle Meister palatable for English readers via user-submitted subtitles. Both A and B Route are now available in English through VNR in this manner.

I have used my contributions to VNR to develop a dialogue patch for Amayui Castle Meister. I have made an announcement post here.

I have also helped work on the Amayui Labyrinth Meister interface patch and am working on a dialogue patch for the game.