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Princess Latina was formerly the crown princess of the kingdom of Rewinia.

She was betrothed to the Rewinian nobleman Lorrain, and the two were deeply in love. However, eighteen years before the events of Battle Goddess, Latina was kidnapped by the wizard Abeloos Casserly. He took her to the Cadora Mine near the town of Milphe, where he sacrificed her to free the Old God confined there. Due to the intervention of the god's warden, the angel Ilzave, the sacrifice did not proceed as planned, and only her soul was consumed. This left her body alive, young, and healthy during the coming years, during which Lorrain abandoned his holdings and struck out on a private search for his beloved.

When the sealed god begins using Latina's body as an anchor to scout the surface and drain energy from men in the nearby town, rumors of her appearance reach Rewinia, and a search team is dispatched which includes General Revia's White Dragon Knights and the Godslayer, Celica Sylphil. After much battle, both Lorrain and Celica make their way to the castle buried beneath the mine. Hoping to free the princess at any cost, Lorrain gives himself over to dark powers in order to defeat Celica, whose divine blood will be the final sacrifice needed to release the god and give the princess her soul back. However, he is defeated, and his soul is absorbed by Celica, who then goes on to find the princess - now possessed by the sealed god. She attacks and mortally wounds him, finally breaking the seal - but in the process, the last vestiges of Latina's soul flee her body and enter Celica's. He manages to escape, but soon collapses and loses consciousness.

While Celica sleeps, Latina thanks him for putting Lorrain to rest. Ordinarily, the princess' soul would now be free to reenter the cycle of life and be reborn again; however, Lorrain's demonic soul has no such option. Rather than leave him, Latina chooses to be consumed by Celica for the power to heal himself, which will cause them both to vanish into nothingness. As she disappears for good, her final request is that Celica forgive Schweltleite, the being sealed in the castle, recognizing the sense of hopelessness that her longtime captor has held for ages.

Alternate Timelines[]

In the alternate timeline "Light Route" in Battle Goddess Verita, Princess Latina was rescued by the joint forces of Celica and Louie not long after her kidnapping.

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