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Himegari Imperial Meister(『姫狩りインペリアルマイスタ ->』) is the 1st online title of the Eroge Studio Eushully in DMM. The game is an alternative version of Himegari Dungeon Meister.

Only the H-scenes and the battle mode are voiced


Once there was a great and terrible Maou (demon king, 魔王) threatening the people with his army of monsters. A party of adventurers led by a Hero made their way to the Maou and challenged him directly. As they defeated the Maou, the Maou cursed that he would one day return and seek vengeance upon those who defied him, as he could never be fully destroyed.

The Maou's last words clouded the hearts of the adventurers. They decided that rather than defeating the Maou and have everyone live in fear of his return someday, they would seal the Maou and have the sealed Maou be under constant watch.

And thus, peace was restored to the land.

However, the Maou's soul was able to escape at the very last moment, before the body was sealed up. The Maou had one Servant Demon left, one so young and weak she was completely useless in battle, and thus had been spared the fate of the rest of the Maou's army.

The Maou will need all the help he can conjure up to help him regain his former body and glory. In the meantime, he's stuck with a temporary body weaker than an average human!


Himegari Imperial Meister's gameplay completely differs from the original game as it had to be adapted to become a browser game.

the stages in the game consist in a straight line dungeon, the protagonist Maou Emilio is in the start and moves forward to the goal and units have to be deployed to secure the road and Emilio's safety, in the end of every stage there is a boss

  • the game counts with a gacha system using crystals or tickets to roll for a unit
  • the rarity of the unit is decided by how many stars the unit has, 6 stars being the highest and 1 the lowest, more rarity also means more cost
  • only four of your units + one friend unit can be selected per stage
  • pressing two or three times in a unit will activate the special skill of that unit
  • there are five elements in the game Water, Fire, Wind, Darkness and Light,
  • Water > Fire > Wind > Water / Light <>Dark
  • there are also three types of units the knights (sword, close range), Archers (grounded, Long range) and the Flying units (moves faster than normal units)




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