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Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister (Himegari Dungeon Meister) adult game.

Story Premise[]

Once there was a great and terrible Maou (demon king, 魔王) threatening the people with his army of monsters. A party of adventurers led by a Hero made their way to the Maou and challenged him directly. As they defeated the Maou, the Maou cursed that he would one day return and seek vengeance upon those who defied him, as he could never be fully destroyed.

The Maou's last words clouded the hearts of the adventurers. They decided that rather than defeating the Maou and have everyone live in fear of his return someday, they would seal the Maou and have the sealed Maou be under constant watch.

And thus, peace was restored to the land.

However, the Maou's soul was able to escape at the very last moment, before the body was sealed up. The Maou had one Servant Demon left, one so young and weak she was completely useless in battle, and thus had been spared the fate of the rest of the Maou's army.

The Maou will need all the help he can conjure up to help him regain his former body and glory. In the meantime, he's stuck with a temporary body weaker than an average human!

Gameplay Overview[]

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A trial version of the game is available. See Download page

As the Maou, the player commands the Servant Demon Lily to explore a large dungeon. The dungeon is divided into stages, each of which spans a few dozen floors. As the game progresses, more units becomes available to the player.

Certain captured enemy units may be bound into your service, while all may be sacrificed for mana.

The flow of the game is typical of an SRPG, where the player and the AI take turns ordering their respective units around on the map. Either side may place certain map squares under their control, giving their side certain advantages.

Depending on the player's actions in the game, Lily's alignment can change towards "Law" or "Chaos". The two meters can affect the ending of the game, and may or may not affect how certain characters react to the player.

Lilly can also go through class changes: from a child-like body to a adolescent body to a mature body.

Other Information[]

Princess Capture Dungeon Meister[]

  • Trial version was once available in the Eushully "support site". Now it can be download from some japanese DL site like
  • EUDV-010, DVD release on April 24 ,2009 for 9,030 yen or 8,600 yen without tax
  • DL ver. release on July 1, 2011 for 5,880 yen

Append Data[]

  • Those who ordered the game during preorder campaign period were given Lily's Toy Box (リリィのおもちゃ箱) as an exclusive bonus which includes 3 bonus stages and new costumes for each form of Lily. The append content has since been made available to download for free on Eushully's official site.
  • Ver.1.03 patch is available on the Eushully home site

Foreign Guide Sites[]

Voice Actresses[]

Character Seiyuu Romaji Notes
Lily 未来羽 Mirau
Sylphine 猫井さくら Nekoi Sakura
Sassoone 水捲真魚 Mizumaki Mana
Vidal 海原エレナ Kaibara Elena
Colette 桜川未央 Oukawa Mio
Bridget 藤堂みさき Toudou Misaki
Oktavia かわしまりの Kawashima Rino
Femme 黒岩心々 Kuroiwa Coco
Estelle 海月舞 Kurage Mai
Tiofania 佐藤遼佳 Satou Ryouka
Nelly 草柳順子 Kusayanagi Junko
Deidre くわがたみほ Kuwagata Miho
Eushully chan 亜美名義 Shizuki Ami
B.Eushully 琴蕗麗子 Kotobuki Reiko


The following online stores ship this game overseas:

A downloadable edition can be bought from DLSite Japan.

Error Fix[]

Link: MEGA

A patch that solves the "Data is broken, please reinstall..." error window which shows up about every 5 minutes after starting the game. Originally this patch was for Battle Goddess Episode-0 but it works with this game as well as may work with other Eushully games which have this error window. This patch was taken from this site.

Instruction: Extract all files from the archive into the game folder. Run the game with the AGE Patch.exe.

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