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Princess General 2 is the 5th game of Eushully.


Gameplay is broken into different segments


Here, as Louie you affect the amount of affection the heroines feel for you.


Similar to Fire Emblem, it is an top-view strategy based game. Of note, characters who die in battle are dead forever and are no longer accessible in story sequences.


Four years after exacting revenge for the murder of your character's family, now you are the ruler of the kingdom, but there are still those who want to get in your way. Blockades have been set along enemy borders, and--although you've pressed for peace talks--people in your court are ending up murdered. Now the remaining members of your court, along with your people, are pressing for war. You now have no choice but to fight. Thankfully, lady magicians and soldiers will come to your aide, in more ways that one.


Menfil Kingdom[]

Karussha Kingdom[]

Lesperent City State[]

  • Leaina Keith - Queen of Lesperent.
  • Cima Karneno - A Knight who runs an orphanage in Lesperent.
  • Rishel Flute - Magic Warrior under Leaina.
  • Nazakk Orm - leader of a bandit group.

Other characters[]

  • Lapis Saurin - Proclaimed "Guardian of the Forest", Serno Kingdom.
  • Rin Fara-Barjiana - Barjia's Princess.
  • Teifana Luxembur - Lord lady of the Miletia Protectorate.
  • Seriel Iotel - Princess of the Sliji Kingdom.
  • Lione Nakra - Freslant Kingdom
  • Nina Kuopas - Princess of the Kurana Kingdom
  • Jio Nik - From the Kurana Kingdom
  • Feie Lute - From the Tirnino Elf tribe
  • Diane - From the Gurno Magic tribe
  • Eskana - From the Ilbit tribe.


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