Luna=Clear is the Saint (Holy Maiden) of Marsterria, having the status and powers comparable to the Pope.


In Battle Goddess Zero, Luna=Clear first introduced herself to Celica, in order to get his help to deal with Aidos. In the end, Aidos was defeated by Celica in God's Graveyard, a place that robbed a God of their Divine Power.

300 years later in Battle Goddess Verita, as the pope of Marsterria Church passed away, Kineriusu (キネリウス) the third took the place as the new pope. As a first order of bussiness, Kineriusu given Luna 3 tasks to prove her worthy of being a saint.

  1. Reclaim apostle status from Silvia
  2. Defeat the demon invasion
  3. Find the Godslayer

Luna unhappily complete the first task. During the second task, she once against encounter Celica. After series of event, Luna, her squad, Celica and few traveler are trapped in God's Graveyard. As they start a small settlement, Luna and Celica's relation grow, few months later, Luna bears Celica's child. After spending 50 years, Ekria with the help of Naberius and Rita, she is able to find a way to God's Graveyard. But as she enters it, Cardinal Pleiades (プレイアデス枢機卿), Pope's personal army, follow her in. As Celica encounter Ekria once again, Pleiades started attacking on the settlement. However, Celica and Ekria are able to escape from God's Graveyard and Luna was killed by Pleiades' attack.


  • She was once refer to as "Luna=Clearness" in Battle Goddess Verita.
  • It is strongly implied in the series that Roka is the reincarnation of Luna Clear.