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Lue is a warrior from the elf village in the forests west of Milphe.


The elves near Milphe are an insular society, maintaining a strict policy of zero contact with the outside world, and with humanity in particular. However, this isolation breeds a certain degree of arrogance, and they are wholly unprepared when the human sorceress Wendice easily breaks the magical barrier protecting their homes. Lue soon finds herself to be the village's only able-bodied defender against Dorgius and the other mercenaries serving Abeloos; it is a hopeless battle, and only Celica's timely intervention saves her life.

Suspicious by upbringing, Lue holds a sheltered, naive view of the world outside. Although she grudgingly acknowledges that Celica is not her enemy, she has great difficulty accepting that all human beings do not think and act the same way. From her point of view, the Rewinian soldiers are human, and thus no different from the men who destroyed her home. Despite this, she holds a strong sense of honor, realizing that she must extend a little trust to the man her people owe so much - and to the human soldiers who answer to him.


Battle Goddess