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Levia Lograia is the general of Rewinia's White Dragon Knights.

She takes her duty very seriously, and her valor in battle has earned her the respect of both the men under her command and the Rewinian people. Unfortunately, this respect does not extend to the aristocracy, who believe she was appointed solely due to her father's influence and resent the idea of a woman leading the nation's most prestigious military unit. In the face of this pressure, Revia's desire to prove herself and concern for the safety of her men are a source of great stress, making her often short-tempered and impatient.

Levia has admired Celica since she was a girl, giving him something of a soft spot for her; just as the people of Rewinia once saw him only as the Godslayer and a potential threat to the nation, people saw Levia only as her father's daughter, a source of shared loneliness which drew them closer together. Her position as the White Dragon Knights' leader, however, has greatly strained that relationship. Though she is still attracted to him, she desperately wants to prove that she has grown into a woman able to stand on her own - a goal constantly undermined by the assistance he offers her.

Battle Goddess 2[]

It is strongly hinted that she will be the next candidate to receive the Godship title from Miko of Water. Levia and Miko of Water finally spoke with each other in BG2 in multiple occasions. Miko of Water was giving her guidance when she was depressed due to an incident, as well as providing the final Majin's direct location. 


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