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Lakche Prelan is a young dancer from a traveling caravan of performers. She's quite headstrong and impulsive, much to the chagrin of Niu, who acts like a big sister to her.


When the caravan is in danger of being overrun by bandits en route to Milphe, Lakche jumps off the wagon and runs into the forest as a distraction. The ploy works, and the caravan makes it to town safely, but Lakche is unable to find her way out on her own. Celica arrives on the scene to find her sleeping, oblivious to the bandits who are finally about to find her. Following the rescue, she develops an infatuation with her newly found savior.

Although the women of the caravan also work as prostitutes on the side, Lakche has always been considered too young to participate, and Niu vehemently discourages any interest she may show in doing so. Once Celica saves her, she will be put off no longer; as soon as the women receive their official license to work in the town, she runs off to spend her first night with him.


Battle Goddess