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General Info

Calculation is similar to previous Battle Goddess games.

There is 8 fighting stats in this game (clockwise from top):

  • Attack Multiplier - The number of time that a character can attack.(Multiplies physical damage)
  • Physical Attack - Physical attack stat.
  • Physical Defense - Physical Defense stat.
  • Body Speed (P.Spd) - Used to decrease preparation time and delay time for physical attacks
  • Defense Multiplier - Number of times a Character defends (Multiplies defense)
  • Mind Speed (M.Spd)- Used to decrease cast time and cool down time for Magic attacks
  • Magic Defense - Magic Defense Stat.
  • Magic Attack - Magic Attack Stat


  • Physical damage = (P. Atk *element - P. Def)*Max((Attack Multiplier - Defense Multiplier), 1)
  • Magic damage = ((Magic Skill damage) + (matk - mdef)*power)*element
  • Weapon cast/delay = base weapon cast/delay - physical spd
  • Physical skill cast/delay = (Skill cast/delay - physical spd) + (weapon cast/delay - P.SPD)
  • Magic skill cast/delay = base skill cast/delay - magic spd
  • Items use cast/delay = base item cast/delay - physical spd
  • Magic card item cast/delay = base skill cast/delay - magic spd
  • All weapons, skills, and items have minimum cast/delay time listed in parenthesis next to the base speed. Any additional physical/magic speed that would lower the time beyond that will have no effect.

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Aside from the 8 fighting stats, there are 5 others that are of importance to characters:

  • HP - Hit points. The character is knocked out if this reaches 0. If all characters are knocked out, it is game over.
  • MP - Points used to cast spells and use certain offensive skills.
  • TP - Points used for non-magical combat skills.
  • FS - Fighting spirit. An alternative HP bar, your character is knocked out from battle if this reaches 0. Whenever the character performs an action, this is increased by 1 for the battle. Attacks that affect FS are not affected by the 8 fighting stats, but they are affected by the defending unit's element. Certain enemies will focus on reducing this bar to 0 instead of HP. You may also use fighting spirit (戦意) type weapons to defeat enemies by reducing their FS gauges to 0. However, bosses whose FS is reduced to 0 do not get knocked out.
  • Possession capacity (憑依コスト) - Determines the maximum value of summoning stones a character can equip. This function has to be unlocked before it can be used. The maximum possession capacity each character can unlock is fixed and each character has a different maximum possession capacity. Increasing possession capacity past this limit requires use of a rare item.
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