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Kachua is a former Rewinian aristocrat who commands the soldiers serving Lorrain.

As a young girl from a high-ranking Rewinian family, Kachua was smitten by Lorrain's handsome appearance and dashing persona. When he abandoned his title and position following Princess Latina's disappearance, she dreamed of following him - a dream which she would make reality years later, when she too forsook her rank to become his second-in-command. In spite of her feelings for her lord, she now works tirelessly to ensure that he and Latina are one day reunited, and remains devoted even after Levia and Celica arrive on the scene. At times she serves as Lorrain's sexual partner, although there is no passion from his end, and she remains painfully aware that his heart belongs solely to the princess.

She has difficulty keeping control of the troops, who seem to view her as a little girl who only has her rank due to sleeping with their lord. As they find themselves sandwiched between the demons below and the White Dragon Knights above, this control evaporates entirely. The soldiers turn on Kachua and rape her; when Lorrain discovers the treachery, his response is swift and deadly. After recovering, Kachua remains by his side until they reach the castle buried deep beneath the Cadora Mine. Here, perhaps realizing that there will be no triumphant return to the surface, Lorrain uses his magic to teleport her to safety.

Kachua's whereabouts after the events of Battle Goddess are unknown, although she is pictured kneeling at a gravesite in the game's credits.

Battle Goddess