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This is a list of all Eushully and Anastasia games released so far.


Item No. Name Release Date Series
EUDV-021 Amayui Labyrinth Meister


05/28/2021 -マイスター- Meister
EUDV-020 Tenmei no Conquista


05/29/2020 ---
EUDV-019 Sealed Grasesta


11/30/2018 ---
EUDV-018 Amayui Castle Meister


05/26/2017 -マイスター- Meister
EUDV-017 Sankai Ou no Yubiwa (Rings of King Sankai)


04/28/2016 ---
EUDV-016 Rhapsody of God


04/24/2015 ---
EUDV-015 La DEA of Libra

(天秤のLa DEA。)

04/25/2014 -戦女神- Battle Goddess
EUDV-014 Madou Koukaku

(魔導巧殻) DL ver.

04/26/2013 ---
EUDV-013 Arterial of Origins

(創刻のアテリアル) DL ver.

04/27/2012 ---
EUDV-012 Kamidori Alchemy Meister

(神採りアルケミーマイスター) DL ver.

04/22/2011 -マイスター- Meister
EUDV-011 Battle Goddess Verita

(戦女神VERITA) DL ver.

04/23/2010 -戦女神- Battle Goddess
ANDV-004 Valkyria of the Blue Sea


12/04/2009 -蒼海- Blue Sea
EUDV-010 Himegari Dungeon Meister

(姫狩りダンジョンマイスター) DL ver.

04/24/2009 -マイスター- Meister
EUDV-009 Battle Goddess Zero

(戦女神ZERO) DL ver.

06/13/2008 -戦女神- Battle Goddess
ANDV-003 Princess of the Blue Sea

(蒼海の皇女たち) DL ver.

03/14/2008 -蒼海- Blue Sea
ANDV-002 Minna Daisuki Kodzukuri Banchou


05/18/2007 ---
EUDV-008D Tayuuta

(峰深き瀬にたゆたう唄) Cheap / DL ver.

12/22/2010 ---
EUDV-007D Princess of Darkness

(冥色の隷姫) DL ver.

12/18/2005 ---
EUDV-006 Kuutei Senki

(空帝戦騎) DL ver.

11/26/2004 ---
EUCD-005 Princess General 2

(幻燐の姫将軍2) DL ver.

12/19/2003 -姫将軍- Princess General
EUDV-004 Battle Goddess 2

(戦女神2) DVD ver. / DL ver.

12/07/2007 -戦女神- Battle Goddess
EUCD-003D Princess General

(幻燐の姫将軍) DL ver.

10/31/2003 -姫将軍- Princess General

It's seems like new Eushully game release every year at the last Friday of April Trail Version of the game is release on 3th week of February

On 04/01/2014: As an April Fools' Joke:

Discontinued Games:[]

Item No. Name Release Date
EUCD-001 Battle Goddess


EUCD-002 Maid In Bunny


EUCD-003 Princess General


EUCD-004 Battle Goddess 2

(戦女神2) CD ver.

ANDV-001 Magic Can Save the World!


EUDV-008 Tayuuta



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