Femme is the leader of an army of Lizardmen in the dungeon. Despite this, she is a human; the circumstances of how she came to be the tribe's leader are unknown.  She speaks in short, broken sentences, and has probably had very little, if any, human contact during her life.

She possesses immense physical strength, and is quite proud of it. When Emilio encounters her in the upper reaches of the labyrinth, she is seeking a suitably powerful male with whom to bear children. However, she is apparently oblivious to the fact that she isn't a lizardman herself, and is thus quite naive about how the act of baby-making takes place.

She will be significantly upgraded at level 30. She will gain:

  • 5 HP
  • 10 FS
  • 2 physical attack
  • 5 luck

Route/Ending DetailsEdit

After confirming Femme as a heroine, she says she want to see how strong Emilio's true form is. However, the body crumbles into dust when the group finally reaches it; it's too late to perform the ritual to merge body and soul once more. Emilio despairs, but Femme seems completely unconcerned.  After all, she points out, it's not as though he isn't plenty strong already. She promises to bear him many powerful children, with which to raise an army and carry out his conquests.