Raulbhach continent map showing the locations of 4 Eushully Game series.

Dir Lifyna (ディル=リフィーナ) is the world that the great majority of Eushully's fantasy titles take place in.

The name Dir Lifyna itself means "the end of the two corridors" in the ancient language of the Elves. It was formed from the merging of two worlds -- Nei Suterina the world of the Present Gods, and Iasu Suterina the world of the Ancient Gods. Their merging resulted in the War of the Three Gods, where the Present Gods, Ancient Gods, and Mechanical Goddesses fought for the right to rule, which resulted in the victory of the Present Gods.

Dir Lifyna has four moons and two suns, each governed by a different god/goddess. The four moons have the colors yellow, red, blue, and black; while the two suns are red and green.

The two largest continents in Dir Lifyna are the Divine Core Continent and the Raulbhach Continent. On the Raulbhach Continent, each day is about the same length as a day in our world, a month always consists of 30 days, and there are 14 months in a year, making for 420 days total in a year.

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