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Kaorimoch Kaorimoch 26 November 2021

Best in slot armor for Amayui Labyrinth Meister

I ran the numbers today on the gear in Amayui Labyrinth Meister to discuss the gear available in ALM. This is up to date to patch 1.02 with Append 1 active.

One important note - this is focusing on the gear stats - P Def, M Def, and then to a lesser extent, Evasion and Agility. Lastly, any additional bonuses beyond that will be noted.

Items are listed in order of priority. The completely upgraded version will be used for comparison.

  • 1 Light Shield
  • 2 Heavy Shield
  • 3 Light Armor
  • 4 Medium Armor
  • 5 Heavy Armor
  • 6 Kuna !!!!!!
  • 7 Shoes
  • 8 Light Shoes
  • 9 Heavy Shoes

Honorable mention - Shield of Support. Only for heroes in the support row, it gives a 20% chance to cover the main character from an attack but does not offer the shield skill to any wielding it. It has a …

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Hero Syuya Hero Syuya 21 December 2020

Syuya's Pizza Parlor

Since this place seems deserted now, if an admin should happen on this page I would like to ask to adopt this wikia together with MaximumDepravity.

There is some cleaning/organizing to do, and we are both active members of the Official Eushully Fan Discord.

Anyway, whether you are an admin or a simple Eushully aficionado, we invite you to join our Discord!

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Luminon Luminon 10 June 2020

Tenmei no Conquista Review

This blog post was originally meant to be a review of Tenmei no Conquista (天冥のコンキスタ), Eushully's 20th title, however, it seems that I got carried away with writing and this ended up being a miniature walkthrough of sorts (well, whatever).

Review updated on March 17, 2021 (expansion finished).

  • 1 Summary

Tenmei no Conquista is an eroge with RPG elements developed by Eushully, and is relatively short (

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There is a double-icons bug after the server was delayed on Feb. 28, 2016.

10 x13 + 50 x10 + 100 x7 = 130 + 500 + 700 = 1330

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Berries82 Berries82 11 May 2014

Who am I

Just an individual that enjoys playing Ero retail SLG/RPG/SRPG (RPG Maker does not count). Essentially, I have played most of these games out there in some what, shape or form.

My main thing is that I enjoy hard difficulty games. While it is hard to find them in Ero games, but it's just who I am!

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Lemoness Lemoness 15 February 2014

List of Duplicate Images

For deletion, seek an admin.
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Daeniichan Daeniichan 1 March 2011

God Hunting Alchemy Meister inc!

Just played the demo version of GHAM, looks great. Can't wait for the release - I might actually import it, if there's a reasonably priced offer anywhere. In the meantime, off to finish Sengoku Rance and do another map or three of PHDM :)

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