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This page lists all items, both consumable and key items, and their effects.

Consumable Items[]

Name Japanese Name Effect
Recovery Water (Small) 治癒の水・小 Restores approximately 50 HP
Recovery Water (Large) 治癒の水・大 Restores approximately 150 HP
Touch of Elyun イーリュンの癒手 Restores HP to full
Magic Incense 魔力の香 Fully refreshes spellcasting power, only usable outside of combat
Magic Stone 魔力石 Partially refreshes spellcasting power, usable in or out of combat
Battle Incense 闘技の香 Fully refreshes sword techniques, only usable outside of combat
Battle Stone 闘技石 Partially refreshes sword techniques, usable in or out of combat
Liera Leaf リエラの葉 Restores 50-150 HP, only usable outside of combat
Lendein Grass レンデーヌ草 Recovers a random amount of HP
Goddess Droplet 女神の滴 Cures Poison and Paralysis
Sword Accessory 剣のアクセサリー Raises attack counter by 1 for 360 Frame
Rod of Concealing Fog 霧隠れの小杖 Raises defense counter by 1 for 360 Frame
Vile Blade Coating 不浄断裁の薬液 Raises attack power by 5 for 360 Frame
Binding Salve 断裂の軟膏 Raises attack power by 10 for 360 Frame
War God's Card 鬼神の絵札 Reduces time of physical attacks by 2 for 360 Frame
Sage Card 賢者の絵札 Reduces cooldown of magical attacks by 2 for 360 Frame
Magic Arrow 魔力の矢 Hits one enemy (30)
Fire Talisman 炎の呪札 Hits one enemy with Fire damage (80)
Thunder Talisman 雷の呪札 Hits one column of enemies with Lightning damage (45)
Cold Talisman 冷気の呪札 Hits all enemies with Ice damage (30)
Word of Spirits 聖霊の秘文 Hits all enemies with Holy damage (150)
Dagger of Raging Flame 轟炎の短剣 Hits one enemy with Fire damage (300)
Word of Dark Binding 暗黒支配の秘文 Hits all enemies with Dark damage (200)
Mars Stone 火星石 Permanently raises STR by 1
Jupiter Stone 木星石 Permanently raises CON by 1
Heavenly King Stone 天王石 Permanently raises AGI by 1
Sea King Stone 海王石 Permanently raises DEX by 1
Mercury Stone 水星石 Permanently raises INT by 1
Saturn Stone 土星石 Permanently raises MEN by 1
Venus Stone 金星石 Permanently raises CHA by 1

Key Items[]

Name Japanese Name Effect Location
Earring of Flight 飛翔の耳飾り Allows instant escape to world map from dungeons Possessed at game start
Elevator Key 昇降機の鍵 Allows use of freight elevator Given by Refin after defeating Ethereal Latina
Canal Key 水路の鍵 Opens door to Griffin's Nest Taken from Lorrain's men on 5F
Cane of Wind 風の杖 Dispels barrier on 6F Obtained from Groc by trading a griffin's egg
Yober Key ヨベルの鍵 Unlocks golden doors Chest in Mine 10F
Alaina's Comb アーライナの櫛 Initiates Rinsha sidequest Chest in Mine 8F
Unraveling Crystal 破術の石英 Destroys Abeloos' power source Given by Wendice
Teleportation Key 転移の鍵 Allows access to teleporters Dropped by Lorrain after defeating Dorgius on 9F
Cane of Demon Purification 魔気浄化の杖 Allows entry to Abyssal Space Chest in Mine 9F
Head Angel's Feather 権天使の羽 Dispels barrier on 7F Obtained from Roca
Tome of the Mad Marquis 愚者侯爵の書 Summons the demon Irun Chest in Orvid's Palace
Tome of the Thunder Angel 雷天使の書 Summons the angel Bardiel Found after helping Roca to defeat Ermon
Tome of the Ghost Princess 精霊王女の書 Summons the ghost princess Lizaila Found after defeating Saulule
Tome of the Arch-Demon 悪魔大公の書 Summons Murmur, Archduke of Hell Appears in your pack after defeating Abeloos Casserly
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