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A list of recommended cards based on the Japanese wiki.


  1. goes by the # of the card according to the first type.

Name is the name of the card, followed by its rarity in bracket.

Type is the type of the card.


  1. 1 Senzaki Syuya (SR-1), Human/Hero = Card #1 of Type Human of quality SR.

Atori C2 would be the 2nd Atori card with rarity C.

Cost 1[]

Cost 1 cards forms the backbone of all initial decks as you do not get a Leader card with 2 summoning power until the completion of Dreamland (requires completion of the Human and Angel route).  Even then Cost 1 cards remain useful due to their variety and ability choices.

Three factors determine the quality of a cost 1 card: Base stat, equipment slots, and abilities.

The relatively low stat of Cost 1 cards can be offset by using the Mirror Image accessory (複写鏡, requires 2 slots and Alchemy III) as it acquire the stat of the cloned card.  Against more powerful enemies in later chapters, Cost 1 cards with the Mirror may clone a unit with 2 control, allowing you to quickly deloy cost 3 cards.

Cost 1 Recommended Cards
# Name Type Reason
1 Senzaki Syuya (c) Human 5 HP/5 Atk.  Gives enemies Plague effect and can be used to clone cards.

Requires completion of Dreamland (EX).

Higuchi Kaito (c-3) Human 1 HP/5 Atk. Can gain the Evade effect at the cost of 1 card.  Have caution against piercing or splash damage.
27 Kashiwagi Narumi (c-2) Human 5 HP/5 Atk.  Has access to 2 equipment slots early.
28 Kashiwagi Narumi (R-1) Human Very tanky vangaurd that is immune to odd-number attacks.

Synergize with Blood Possession (from Syuya/Mirai).

37 Kazanami Madoka (uc-1) Human Can deal damage to enemy leader from the backrow.
47 Senzaki Mirai (c-1) Human Can be used to summon ChooChoo Mirai when equiped with the Red and White hat.
49 Senzaki Mirai (uc-1) Human Easy access to Blood Possession.  Synergize with Narumi's R-1 card.
58 Suo Arisa (c-2) Human Grants Mirai and Shaneroka +1HP and Atk.  Can equip with powerful specialized equipment.
77 Sina Sayane (c-1) Human Grants adjacent humans 2 Atk.  Low HP so be awared of Piercing effects.
78 Sina Sayane (c-2) Human Lowers enemy cost by 1.  Core composition of Sayane's deck.
79 Sina Sayane (c3) Human Immune to Cost 0 enemies.
87 Minamoto Atori (c-1) Human Can be changed to 9 HP/1 Atk with character specific equipment sold in stores.
88 Minamoto Atori (c-2) Human Discards 1 card from deck when played.  Useful in decks that take advantage of the discard pile (common among devil cards).
14 Demon Gillezel (R-1) Devil
127 MFC Support Sld Human Recovers 4 LP when played.
Archangel Mehisha (c-1) Angel
22 Lightning Soul Angel Can be used to summon Cost 3 angels from deck
26 Angel Hazam Angel Can have up to 3 slots.  Has 2x Move and gains 2 attack per move (up to +4).  very powerful when used with Mirror Image.
38 Mare Suuti Devil
17 Blue Putetto Monster Can retreat at any time at the cost of 4LP.
21 Magno Mosquito Monster Can be buffed to 7 attack at the cost of 1 control.
29 Eggor Monster Action ability allows you to draw an additional card.  May be used in succession when combined with the Mirror Image accessory.
136 Decayed Schoolboy Human/Monster
88 CT Prototype SLD #1031 Obj/Monster
82 Innocent Lily Devil 5HP/5Atk.  Can resurrect itself once making it a powerful tank.

Can be equipped with the Flase White Flag to draw a card on every death.

Cost 2[]

Recommended Cost 2 Cards
# Name Type Reason
Senzaki Syuya (c-1) Human
Kitagawa Akar (UC-1) Human
Kazanami Madoka (c-3) Human
Suo Arisa (UC-2) Human
Shaneorka (c-4) Human
Sina Sayane (UC-2) Human
128 Magno MSC Soldier Human/Monster
4 Archangel Mehisha (c-3) Angel
30 Cavalry Spirit Faren Angel
33 Angel Hanbrael Angel
48 Mare Merkol Devil
44 Ryuka Rune Monster
41 Low Attack Barrier Object Easily deployed at cost 2. Disables attacks for both sides for 3 turns.  Can still be damaged by special abilities such those from mares.
87 Demon Orc Commander Devil Decent stat at 7/7, but gets buffed to Cost 4 quality when Maousama is in play.  Made via alchemy using Figure T (rarely drop from orcs in orcland).
181 Barujia Princess Rin Human Cost 2 card with 12 attack, can be boosted to 19 attack with the 2 equipment slots.  Attack drops to 0 with less than 3 cards in hand.
Archangel Mehisha (R-1) Angel
189 Playgirl Madoka Human Charms all enemies when played.  Be awared if you wish to duplicate an enemy card in the rearguard.

Cost 3[]

Although Cost 3 cards generally only gain a minor boost stat wise compared to Cost 2 cards, they posses a lot of powerful abilities, as well as 2 summoning power allowing you to summon other cost 3 cards at ease, as well as allowing the summon of cost 4,5,6 cards.

It may be wise to keep at least 1 cost 3 card in the backrow as center rear guard so you can continuously summon other high power cards.

Cost 3 Recommended Cards
# Name Type Reason

Cost 4[]

Cost 4 Recommended Cards

Cost 5[]

Cost 5 Recommended Cards
# Name Type Reason
Senzaki Syuya (SR-1) Human/hero

15HP/16Atk when fully leveled.  In addition, gives Plague to all enemy vanguards and also heals for half of damage done.

Due to the Hero affinity it is not affected by the Sanctuary effect.

Must clear Dreamlands (EX).

Kashiwagi Narumi (R-2) Human/Hero Low HP (8) but has the highest attack of cost 5 cards.  The Barrier skill makes the card immune to 10 or less damage.
Suo Arisa (UC-4) Human
8 Principality Mehisa Angel/Hero
17 Domnion Nolfaza Angel/Hero
76 Requiem Siren Devil 16HP/8Atk. Nullifies enemy side attacks. Your allies will only take one attack per turn, unless an enemy is immune to this effect. If you spam healing buns and equip the -2 damage ring, your cards become virtually immortal. Game breaker.
13 Reaper Derumar Monster/Devil
82 Ticket Master Monster 16HP/10Atk.

Defensively, it recovers 10 HP per turn and heals abnormal status effects. As long as it doesn't take too many attacks in a single turn, it can sustain infinitely.

Offensively, it possesses the powerful Poison Breath skill, which deals half its attack to the enemy front row and inflicts poison. Although this skill deals damage, it ignores various enemy defensive skills.

9 Magno Marine Nushi Inorganic/Monster
11 Kotsumiya Monikoto Inorganic/Human Tabs all allied cards and combine every card's attack.  Easy way to cheese boss type enemies and kill them in 1 shot.
Black Eushully-chan Angel/Hero

Debuffs all enemy subs with Illusion, making it very easy to kill off enemy leader (especially since the AI does not know how to deal with Illu debuffs).

Requires 2 Endings.

11 Demon Haishira Demon Used to summon God Slayer Celica.
179 聖騎士シルフィア Human/Hero

Mediocre stats at 14HP/10Atk.

Can be greatly enhanced with its 3 equipment slots and does double damage to devils.

Cost 6[]

Cost 6 Recommended Cards
# Name Type Reason
Higuchi Kaito (EU) Human Requires 5 Endings.
34 Kashiwagi Narumi (EU) Human/Hero

Does 25% LP as damage when targetting enemy leader.  Very powerful against high LP targets but very weak against lower LP targets.

Gets up to 17HP/21Atk and 3 slots when fully leveled.

45 Kazanami Madoka Inorganic/Human Discards 3 cards from enemy deck on every attack, allowing you to quickly deplete the enemy deck and can be combined with Mirai's Finishing Art to capture cards.
75 Shaneroka (EU) Human/Monster Fully heals allies and cures status alignments (similar to Arena) as a rearguard.  Can also summon a monster type on top of an existing Shanel card up to Cost 5.
95 Miamoto Atori (EU) Human/Devil Can attack as rearguard.  As the card levels up it also gains 3 equipment slots allowing the card to dash out even more damge by using high atk equipment.
Principality Mehisha (EU) Angel/Hero Gets up to 20HP/20Atk, the highest out of all cost 6 cards.  Enters Move phase again when played which allows quick maneuver of cards and retriggers some skills (such as Angel Hazem).
Cherubim Ganoel (EU) Angel/Hero

Gives front enemy Illusion debuff and enemies can only attack this card.

Has high HP (20).  Very powerful if combined with Dark Sarendae aility (Requiem Siren) which forces enemies to attack front enemy or HP regen accessory.

4 Demon Haagenti (EU-1) Demon Sanctuary effect induces a heavy attack penalty to non-Devil and non-Hero cards.  Can be equipped with the Demon braclet which causes his attack to damage all enemies.
5 Demon Haagenti (EU-2) Demon Ultra Regen healing the card for 10HP per turn.  Very powerful when combined with Can be equiped with Haagenti's Helmet accessory which grants the Sanctuary effect from the other Haagenti card.
20 Princess General Eclair Hero Low HP but attack damages both vanguard and enemy behind it.
166 Guardian Lita Human/Monster Requies 3 endings.
173 Ambitious Maousama Hman/Demon Deals 25% damage to all enemies at the cost of 25% LP as an action ability thus is not positon dependant similar to Narumi's cost 6 EU card.  Great against high LP enemies.

Cost 7[]

Cost 7 cards require special circumstances to summon as cost 3 to 6 cards only have 2 sumoning power.  They can be summoned by:

  • Using a Ruler's Cane to increase the control of the board by 1.  Those are sold at the item shop in Arterial Force Blade (AFB).
  • By using the Sterula Ring L accessory to decrease its cost by 1, 
  • Summoned with the help of a summon power 2 card using the Sterula Ring R, which increases its control by 1.
  • Using card abilities that grant +1 control
  • Using Ganoel or Arisa's Finish Arts.

There is also a special God Slayer Cilica summon that can be used to summon the Cost 8 card with 3 summoning power. Due to the circumstances of their summoning, cost 7 cards are valued by their unique abilities.  They are not recommended for a regular deck, and should be used in a specialized deck against specific enemies, as often time their high attack values are wasted as overkill against lower cost cards.

Recommended Cost 7 Cards
# Name Type Reason
14 Black Eushully-chan Angel/Hero Deals half damage to all enemies and gives them all Acid when played.

Requires 6 Endings.

16 Anastasia Monster/Hero Fills up Finishing Art meters when played.

Requires 5 endings.

18 Eukelia-san Angel/Hero Does 40% LP damage per attack against enemy leader.  

Requires 8 endings.

17 魔人リウイ Demon

Cost 8[]

Cost 8 Recommended Cards
# Name Type Reason
God Slayer Celica Human/Hero


Deck Builds[]

Sayane Lockdown Deck[]

This deck provides a simple and reliable, if very cheap, way of defeating many of the game's stronger enemies (including some late-game bosses).  The deck contains only six cards:

  • 4x Sayane (Human #78)
  • 1x Sayane (Human #79) equipped with MHI Controller
  • 1x Sayane (Human #82)

These are all acquired from Sayane's plot and friendship events on the human and devil routes.

Begin by moving your leader to the back row and waiting for the computer to have a full field of cards. Then start by deploying all four #78 cards to the sides, with the #82 being deployed directly in front.  The #78s each reduce the cost of all enemies by 1, and the #82 will reduce their cost by a further point when removed from the field, which will leave most enemies at zero cost.  If the enemy leader still has positive cost, use a Blood of Revival to get one of your #78s back and repeat.

Once the entire enemy force has zero cost, deploy the #79 in front of the enemy leader.  Her special ability prevents her from being attacked by zero-cost cards, and the MHI Controller will prevent the leader from moving and overriding one of its existing cards; the computer will then be unable to stop you from gradually chipping away at its health until you win.

This can also be done with card #80 in place of #79 for a faster kill, but without an upgraded leader card, this runs the risk of lacking the support needed to deploy it in the first place.

This deck will not help you against leaders that are immune to abilities, those with Finish Arts that damage or remove your cards, or battles with time limits or in which running out of cards is a losing condition.

One-Turn Blitz Deck[]

  • This is a deck that you can use if you've cleared Dreamlands to kill most generic enemies in one turn (and some bosses before endgame). It consists of the following:
    • 1x Ambitous Maoosama Leader card, obtained through alchemy
    • 1x Kotsumiya Nomikoto (KN) card, found in the basement of the MHI building in the angel route
    • 2x Innocent Lily cards, obtained through alchemy (materials obtained by leveling Maoosama up)
    • 2x Demon Orc Cmdr. cards, obtained as rare drops in the append map Orcland
    • 1x 5-cost card with the highest attack power that you own
  • Equip every card with the highest attack-boosting equipment you can. When a battle starts, just move your leader card backwards, summon "Innocent Lily"s on either side, "Demon Orc Cmdr."s in front, and your KN card in the center vanguard slot. Use your leader card's ability to force one of your "Demon Orc Cmdr."s to retreat back to your hand, and replace it with your cost-5 card. Activate KN's ability and watch most leader cards die in one hit. If it's still alive one turn later, you can repeat the process.
  • Later on, you can make a cost-7 Anastasia card through alchemy and put that in the deck instead of KN or the cost-5 card and that'll give you an instant Finish Art.
  • As an alternative to KN, you can also use "Godslayer Celica" equipped with a "Sterula Ring (L)" so it only costs 7 to summon. If you have both Anastasia and Celica, you can do the following:
    • Make your partner Gillezel. Follow above steps to summon KN, but summon Anastasia instead for Gillezel's Finish Art. Send Anastasia back to your hand. Summon Celica and activate the card's ability to deal 19 damage (Anastasia's base Attack, which can be improved with items/equipment) to all enemy cards. This is enough to kill pretty much any non-leader card in the game. Then activate Gillezel's Finish Art. Your opponent will be left with an empty field for however many turns the FA lasts.