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Character Angel Human Devil
Narumi D
Sayane × D
Mehisha D ×
Atori ×
Ryuji ×
Rufadiel ×
Ragutas ×
Gilezel ×
Vaza × ×
Quinolraza × ×
Syfira ×
Ernst ×
Ritrana ×
Available as heroine (have an ending)
D Default Heroine if no other heroine are chosen by end of Chapter 7.
Automatically recruited as story progresses
Recruitable based of some condition (side quest)
Temporary Join
× Not recruitable
Follow Characters join in all route as long as condition is meet.
Haishera Append01 Content
Complete their event in NG+
(Join in Chapter 3)
Ganoel Clear Dream State Dungeon

Chapter-by-Chapter Walkthrough[]

Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Final EX
Prologue Chapter
Angel Angel Angel Angel Angel Append Content
Human Human Human Human Human Dreamlands
Devil Devil Devil Devil Devil Arterial Force Blade

Recommendations about walkthrough and heroines "sequence".[]

Of course, ideally you should choose heroine which you like, but if you're aiming for efficiency, I'd suggest you to go as follows:

1. Angels story, choose Kazanami Madoka. Human's route has some friendship events with her, but not enough to allow you to choose her as "Partner", and that is our aim. She has an interesting story, but that's not the main reason. Main reason is her skill "Hard Worker", which will increase amount of EXP gained by all party members, by +50/75/100 XP, depending on skill level, no matter how pathetic your enemy actually was. Her FA isn't among best, so you probably would like to switch partner before important fights, but when fighting regular enemies - use Madoka. Her elder cards ain't bad, either.

2. Humans story, choose Kashiwagi Narumi. Simply because her cards are among best, low and high level regardless, especially her SR-5 and EU-6 cards. This time, choose Humans story, to get second part of Dreamland's key and almost all remaining game characters will join you, so you will be able to level them all up. Don't forget to complete AP01 events.

3. Angels story, don't choose anyone. That will lead you to Mehisha route, and her very nice EU-6 card. Also, complete Dream State dungeon during this walkthrough, you'll get both remaining characters, as well as Atori's 'pseudo-ending', which still counts as normal heroine ending, as such you'll get two heroine endings in one go.

4. Now it's time for Devils story and Sina Sayane. Efficiency-wise, Devils story is least useful, but Sayane has some cards which have specific uses, so get her. Don't forget to confirm her route in chapter 7 - unlike other stories, this one can have no heroine ending at all.

5 Now choose whatever you like, just remember that Devils story has only two possible heroine endings - Sayane and Akari (and no path-exclusive EX content), so, again, efficiency-wise, there's no sense to play Devils story more than twice, at least until you get all nine possible heroines endings.


Kitagawa Akari[]

No. Title Location Other
1 新体操部の朝練を見学しようⅠ 天慶第二学園新体操部
2 新体操部の朝練を見学しようⅡ 天慶第二学園新体操部
3 会長への直談判 Up to Chap 2
4 部員を心配するアカリ 三章イベント
5 アカリは何処に行ったんだ? 拠点 Up to Chap 5
6 行方不明の部員の情報を集めよう 拠点 Up to Chap 7
7 僕とアカリは親友だ Failed
7 行方不明の部員を探しに行こう 市役所周辺の戦場地
天慶第二学園 近郊 西部
8 アカリと仲良くなろう 拠点 Up to last Chap

Kashiwagi Narumi[]

No. Title Location Other
1 鳴海先輩と仲良くなろうⅠ 二章の他の親睦イベントコンプで自動的に達成 Up to Chap 3
2 学生会室へ手伝いに行こうⅠ 学生会室 Up to Chap 3
3 お茶セットを買おう 天慶第二学園購買部 Purchase Tea Set
4 学生会室へ手伝いに行こうⅡ 学生会室 Up to Chap3
5 学生会室へ手伝いに行こうⅢ 学生会室 Up to Chap 3
6 厳しい学生会長? Up to Chap 2
7 鳴海先輩の隠れた趣味
8 人形を直そう Until last Chap
9 鳴海先輩と仲良くなろうⅡ 天慶第二学園 Up to Chap 7
10 三鷹施設を探索しよう
11 鳴海先輩と仲良くなろうⅢ
12 鳴海先輩のお兄さんを倒そう
13 お兄さんを倒すために修行をしよう Until last Chap
14 鳴海先輩の修行 Until last Chap
15 僕と鳴海は恋人だ Until last Chap
16 鳴海のお兄さんを倒しに行こう! Until last Chap

Kazanami Madoka[]

No. Title Location Other
1 まどか先輩の西蒼川調査
2 まどか先輩の助手を勤めようⅠ
3 まどか先輩の助手を勤めようⅡ
4 まどか先輩の助手を勤めようⅢ Madoka Lv6

or more

5 僕はまどか先輩の助手だ
5 まどか先輩の助手を勤めようⅣ
6 まどか先輩の助手を勤めようⅤ
7 まどか先輩と僕の関係は……
8 まどか先輩の様子がおかしい
9 まどか先輩は呪われた存在? 大蛮族の領地
10 僕はまどか先輩の助手だ
10 まどか先輩を探そう 天慶第二学園
11 僕とまどか先輩は恋人だ

Senzaki Mirai[]


Title Location Other
1 美來との時間を作ろう Home Up to Chap 2
2 美來とデートしよう Shopping Mall Up to Chap 2
3 美來と里帰りをしよう Up to Chap 3
4 美來に妹ズの思い出を聞こう Up to Chap 3
5 美來の体調が心配だ…… Up to Chap 5
6 美來との秘密の関係 Up to Chap 7
7 美來と探索に行こうⅠ Shopping Mall East Up to Chap 7
8 そろそろ必要か……Ⅰ West MHI Island Up to Chap 7
9 美來と僕は……兄妹で…… Up to Chap 7
10 美來と探索に行こうⅡ 東蒼川地区 Up to Chap 7
11 美來と探索に行こうⅢ Shopping Mall Up to Chap 7
12 それでも僕達は兄妹だ Up to Chap 7
13 そろそろ必要か……Ⅱ West MHI Island Up to Chap 7
14 兄として決断を……

Chapter 6 / Confirms Route

僕と美來は兄妹だ Failed

Suo Arisa[]

No. Title Location Other
1 杏里咲ちゃんを知ろう 拠点 Up to Chap 5
2 杏里咲ちゃんは僕の後輩だ Failed
3 チェーンソーの部品を集めよう 拠点 Up to Chap 7
4 MHI製高級替え刃を探そう 西蒼川商業区
5 怪しい燃料添加剤を探そう Shopping Mall East Flight required
6 怪しい加給器装着を探そう Shopping Mall East
7 ボアキットを探そう Shopping Mall
8 三鷹R強化オイルを探そう 怪しいお店
9 生体チップの情報を集めようⅠ 拠点 Up to Chap 7
10 MHIノートPCを探そう NTD天慶ビル
11 MHIデータCDⅠを探そう 東蒼川地区
12 生体チップの情報を集めようⅡ 拠点
13 MHIデータCDⅡを探そう

MHI最上階 (Angel)
在日米軍海兵隊基地 (Devil)
鳳由物流センター (Human)

14 杏里咲ちゃんと親しくなろう 拠点 Up to Chap 7
15 今の僕にできることは…… 拠点 Until last Chap
16 彼女との約束を果たそう 拠点 Until last Chap
17 杏里咲ちゃんの生体チップを直そう Until last Chap
18 ナノマシンを合成しよう Synthesis new item
19 僕と杏里咲は恋人だ Confirms route


No. Title Location Other
1 不思議な生物? 天慶第二学園2F
Up to Chap 5
2 シロちゃん育成計画 拠点 Up to Chap 7
3 特訓の成果を試そう 西MHI島 敵と遭遇 Fight any enemy
4 シロちゃん育成計画Ⅱ 拠点 Up to Chap 7
5 特訓の成果を試そうⅡ 西MHI島 敵と遭遇 Fight any enemy
6 シロちゃん育成計画Ⅲ 拠点 Up to beginning of chap 7
7 シロちゃん育成計画IV 拠点 Up to chap 7
8 シャネルちゃんは僕の後輩だ Failed

Sina Sayane[]

You will automatically complete this route if you are on the devil route and did not choose Akari.

No. Title Location Other


You will enter this route if you do not choose anyone in Angel route

  • Mehisha does not have friendship event. Her route are confirm during a scene at the final chapter.