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ES = Equipment Slots

  • Cards need at least one slot to equip item.
  • Cards can only equip one equipment no matter how many slot it has.

Ctrl = Control Power (amount of increase control in area around the card).

SC = Summon Cost (amount of control an area need to summon this card).

HP/LP = Hit Point / Life Point (Leader cards are LP, while the others are HP).

ATK = Attack (The damage a card will do if it attacks).

DMG = Damage (in skill description - Damage from ability).

Values in parentheses denote base stats upon maxing out the card's level.

Trigger Effects

Special = Triggered through unique actions or automatically. Also, abilities of this type cannot be suppressed by the "seal" status effect or other methods (such as finishing arts) that have similar effects.

Move = Triggered when card is moved.

Appearance = Triggered upon summoning in battlefield.

Action = Triggered manually by right-clicking when conditions are satisfied.

Attack = Triggered when attacking.

Retreat = Triggered when killed in some way.

Vanguard = Triggered when on front line.

Rearguard = Triggered when on back line.

All = Triggered through unique actions/conditions in all ally/enemy areas or automatically. Unlike "special" abilities, these skills can be suppressed.

List of Battle Cards[]

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