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Arterial of Origins 『創刻のアテリアル』 (Sōkoku no Ateriaru) is Eushully's 13th title.

Gameplay features a card battle system with a navigable overworld; individual enemy encounters and events are resolved via card matches. Characters gain experience and level up as you progress, granting bonuses to their cards and their abilities in battle and out in the world.


Senzaki Syuya is a high school student who attends the Second Tengyo Academy with his sister Mirai. One day, he and his friends are caught in an intersection between their modern world and another place called the Waibin (kanji: 歪秤) world that is full of monsters called "creator". As the incident grows and he is drawn into a greater conflict, will he join forces with the angels, the devils, or embark upon a middle path? His choices will ultimately lead the Waibin and the real world towards its eventuality.

Other Information[]

In addition to the full version of the game, there are also four append disks:

  • The first, 天慶第二学園転入生ディスク (Second Tengyo Academy Transfer Student Disk) was a pre-order bonus disk; it adds the Hetares dungeon, bonus events (in repeat playthroughs), and some additional character cards, items, and CG.
  • The second, テックジャイアン特典ディスク (TECH GIAN Special Disk), was included in the June 2012 issue of Tech Gian; it adds three character cards (Gian-ko) and an item (Tech Gian). TECHGIAN is also the company who prints Prefect Guide Book for some Eushully games.
  • The third, 水っ娘風雲児と真夏のトライアングル (Water Maiden's Adventure and Mid-summer's Triangle), came out August 28, 2012 and is available from Eushully's Soukoku no Arterial downloads page; it adds two new episodes (in repeat playthroughs), two new characters, and other cards from (Princess General series).
  • The last, パーフェクトガイドブック付属アペンドディスク (Perfect Guidebook Attach Append Disk), comes with the Perfect Guidebook; it updates the game to version 2.0, adding a side story to the start menu, new cards, new quests, new arena battles and a "transformation set" to the main game.
    • This disc includes Version 2.0, Append data 02 and 03 also.


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