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Q - Is this game available in English?

There is an Interface Patch available from ZAP Interface Translations.

There is an alpha version (~95% progress) of an English dialogue patch available on the Official Eushully Fan Discord server. It is in the pins in the Labyrinth Meister chat.

Feedback for both patches can be given on the aforementioned Discord server.


Q - How do I get the Bronze, Silver and Gold Keys?

The keys can be crafted as soon as the Chapter that unlocks them begins. Bronze - Chapter 3, Silver - Chapter 5 and Gold - Chapter 6.

Q - Where can I get "Marwen's Ring" and "Marwen's Collar"?

These are the famous items that can increase stat growth on level up if equipped - perfect items to make your character more powerful. The Ring increases your growth by 50%, and the Collar increases your grown by 100%. Both items can be purchased from the Mephi store - the Ring for 31,200M in Chapter 4, and the Collar for 62,400 in Chapter 7. The collar also drops from the boss "Demon Spirit of Craving" in Chapter 6. The ring can only be purchased.

Q - Where can I get "Full's Mill" and "Full's Tear"?

These are the famous items that increase the drops after a monster is killed (+1 for Mill, +2 for Tear) and increases your movement distance per round by +1. Full's Tear drops from the boss of "Selfish Shears Upper Layer" in Chapter 6 on the normal route. Full's Mill is available from a Chest in the "Shenxia Tower" on the level "Glowing Dewdrop".

Q - I can't get 100% on the "Maze leading to the depths" map!

You will need to use Katorit's "Transfer" ability to access the South East area, and Mikshuana's "Conquering Fire" ability to access the North West area (which allows you to use Katorit's "Transfer" ability or the deploy circle afterward for the capture of that area).

Q -When do new genma spells become available for crafting?

This solely dependent on Kuna's experience level, and the levels required for unlocking new tiers are 8, 15, 25 and 35.

Q - Where can I get the bear doll?

This is the most difficult item to obtain in order to craft the Pumpkin Rod. This item is available as a rare drop from Bear Dolls which can only be found in 3 maps in the Puppet Forest Sea area "Forest of Demons", "Lost in the Deep Woods" and "Deep Green Land of Oblivion". These maps are unlocked by quests separate from the main quest line and they are inaccessible during Chapter 7 on the normal route. One is also available from a chest drop in the Virkies Temple Tower map "Selfish Shears Upper Layer" behind the boss on the normal route (during Chapter 7).

Q - Is there another ending?

Yes, there are two endings - the Normal ending and the True ending. The normal ending is reached by playing the game through normally. For any playthrough after that, you can eventually reach the "True" ending by reading someone's diary. You can confirm that you have entered the true route after defeating the Solomon Demon Lord at the end of Chapter 6. You can recruit an additional 2 characters on this route compared to the normal route however it is more difficult to obtain materials and level up your characters.

Q - When do I get the skill "Double Action"?

All characters receive the Double Action skill at Level 50. Some characters from Appends or during the 2nd lap come with the Double Action skill already available for selection. Also note that at Level 50, that character's Divine Weapon is available for crafting. Only one beast girl has the Double Action skill.

Q - Where are the beast girls located?

You can only capture the beast girls as long as you have been given the quest from the beast girl scientist. The quest will not appear on your quest log so you will have to try and remember which beast girls are available for capture. Some beast girl quests will not appear even if you have met the conditions unless you have captured the prior beast girl. If you are lost, you can use this table to locate the monster girl.

Name Labyrinth Map Unlockable at this stage of the main quest Conditions to unlock quest
Flare Harpy Defal Scorching factory Chapter 1 - Clear the central part of the city. No conditions required.
Soma Tengu Evobete Rift in the earth Chapter 2 - Clear the Deepest part of the Beast Battle Labyrinth Complete 100% occupancy of the Devastated battlefield
Manitarium Puppet Forest Sea Dark green walkway Chapter 2 Clearing the Square of Light No conditions required.
Hermacubus Ragel Renot Lure of the night street Chapter 3 Clear the central part of the city of night god Clear the difficult night Kamisaka with 100% occupancy
Phobra Magic Volcano A hidden hot spring surrounded by hot air Chapter 3 Clear the innermost part of the volcano Clear 100% occupancy of narrow volcanic roads
Diva Shenxia Tower Warm atrium hierarchy Chapter 4 starts Clear 100% occupancy rate of Kasumidai that shines light
Ermena Girail Mizumiya Hidden waterways Chapter 4, clearing the innermost part of Mizumiya No conditions required.
Vana Magic Volcano Narrow volcanic road Chapter 5 starts No conditions required.
Ann Ploa Defal Giant gear corridor Chapter 5 ・ One main event after clearing the space with thoughts No conditions required.
Wandering Ghost Valley of Phantoms Biological reservoirs Chapter 5 ・ Clear the innermost part of Valley of Phantoms No conditions required.

Note that beast girls do not acquire new skills as they level up.

Q -What is the item "Soul lodging Soil" / 魂宿土 / "Chinese ghost constellation"?

This item used for the crafting and upgrading of divine weapons. This starts dropping from normal mobs during the second playthrough.