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  • This walkthrough was written using a copy of the game with Append 1-5 and patch 1.07 (latest) installed.
  • Specific terms will generally utilize information from the ZAP Interface Translation patch.
  • Watching the characters' events is default, except if it's explained below.

Brief Walkthrough Tips[]

  • During the first playthrough, there are no time limits whatsoever. Take as much time as you like to get the various objectives done.
  • It is strongly recommended to do the "best A Route" during the first playthrough because it is the most rewarding and content-rich experience. If all events are done, this route awards the most Faith, which can be useful for subsequent playthroughs since more buildings can be constructed and Fia will have Double Action by the end of the first playthrough. See this page for more information on routes.
  • For the second playthrough, it is recommended to do the B Route. However, make sure to save before completing Chapter 5, as it can serve as a master save for experiencing altered A Routes and, once B Route is completed, it can be used to immediately access Append 5 content.
  • There is an in-game guide that can be accessed by going into the menu (click on the Menu button or right click) and navigating to "Information."
  • See the Tips and Tricks page for additional, more specific gameplay tips. Note that these tips may make the game less enjoyable.


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"A" or "B" after the Chapter number indicates the route type. Read Chapters and Routes. NG+ stuff will be included in the chapters.


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