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• 3/27/2018

low damage

The entire party does low damage(1) to some enemies( arena swift archer,rocktoise) I don't think it's due to elemental strength of them(tried couple of different types of damage) for example I attacked rocktoise with a wind type attack both special and an elemental weapon and the damage is always 1 same thing happens with the swift archer. Is it because my party level is too low?(most of them are 8-7 and
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• 3/5/2018

Cleaning up

I'm trying to clean up the wiki a bit, like fixing some layout problems on some pages and categorizing articles better. I know this wiki is pretty dead contributor wise, but I'd like to call out anyone who is still visiting once in a while to suggest some stuff that we can fix and might wanna help out.

I'd also like to do an overhaul of the menu boxes for example, but it seems the admins have also been offline for years. I'll keep on fixing what I can, but would anyone be opposed to me trying to adopt the wiki in a while if no admins appear?
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• 11/27/2017

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To learn more about what you can do here, check out

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Have fun!
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• 12/27/2016

Kamidori Installation

I have trouble finding the torrent links for Kamidori. Can anyone send me the working links for the game? I lost the game files from my old laptop and now, I can't find the previous working links.
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• 9/2/2016

What about Satia reborn / reincarnation?

Sorry for bad english...
In zero: She said I was reborn again, so you have to live. (or something like that)
But after a search on the internet I could not find a single mention that Selice her soul again seen / found.
Just that he remembered on her in BG 2.
Does anyone know how it is with their promise? They will be together forever as two bodies and souls?
Or should we rather expect reversal in the next episode of series? Will be any?
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• 7/25/2016

Kamidori, Missing scene? Help!

I finished all 3 routes (it took a lot of time... yeah), and after doing a lot of things in the game and did everything i could do but when i enter eushully's room to see if i have all 100% but there is just 2 images left that i cannot get. Can someone tell me what scene is left and how do i get it?
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• 6/22/2016

Soukoku no Arterial (Arterial of Origins) Battle Cards and Item Card

Well, I was working on the Battle Cards on this game this morning, and I found that the Battle Card page have 99264 bytes.
I gave the links to some of my friends, and they told me that it was difficult to use this page, mainly because the page is very big, so the navigation between the table is quite hard.
So I had an idea, why not put all the tables into separate pages? It would be easier to navigate and all.
I edited in my side a little the navigation page (the little thing on the right of the page), and this is a sample of what I want to do :
I don't want to make something wrong, or something that you would think that's not good, so I'll wait for an answer, please tell me, even if you don't care, your opinion about this idea.
(I've already prepared the source for each, so you don't need to do this, I can do it myself, so don't worry about it)

Sorry if there is some faults here and there, I do not speak English very much, so, please be easy on me if you can :)
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• 3/7/2016

Free Online TV

I found a really cool online news site that streams different news channels from around the world at
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• 10/24/2015

Eushully Wiki Walkthrough Writer

Perhaps need someone diligent to write about any incomplete or Blank Walkthrough .Example:Madou Koukaku(Incomplete).Ikusa Megami VERITA(Blank)
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• 9/15/2015

kamidori, yuela wrong way? help plz

hi, plz tell me if i fucked up or not...
i wanted to do yuela's road but at the end of the chapter 4, i fucked Emelita... she was like a little sister and this game fucked all my dream ! i was like:" noooooooooo plz stoooooooooooop"
plz tell me i can have a romance with yuela. i dont want to restart this game just for that :'(
thx for helping and sorry about all my "fuck/fucked/fuckingshit" i'm just mad right now x)
edit: i saw a lot of walkthrough, i think i did well... i really hope that was just something like:"hey, you know my mother? lets fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck !"
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• 4/4/2015

Photo of my New Kitten!!!

My new kitten, I named him Hairball.
[Kiiten Pic[1]]
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• 10/13/2014

Question About how to get to B6 La Dea of Libra

i had been going around B4 and B5 and I just can't seem to find the way to B6. It said on the walkthrough that i need to trigger an event on B5, but i can't find it.
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• 6/21/2014

Madou Koukaku :Weapon Route - True History END

May i ask someone for help be cose i play in this game 6time in a raw and every time from the beginning and i stuck when in map stay only 3cauntry (i try to ends true rute) and nothing happing no future event i have every haracter on frendship, all event from the table, all haracter on 50lvl (cheat) and all H-scene with women higher then 70cm ;]. every haracter joined beside Eifelia, Olfan, Nafq, Zalmagus and this women :
My last event it talk to Dalmagna (after Weissheit have nightmare) about his is tired and whant to do tunnel to his workshop(i think this its second conversation ater he lives in my castle).
My first walkthrough it Overlord END beside H-scene with Corona and last threesome with Corona , Neneka and Patirna.
I have 1000 technologi and 600 magic point. And i dont know if this its important but dwarves join to me after Weissheit have nightmare.
I finish every mision with red seal i had at the castle.
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• 5/8/2014


Hey guys, I would like to discuss the best possible way to insert all this information instead of me just going ahead and do my own thing.
Most of the information gathered from people are confirmed by myself and are accurate for the most part. Mistakes can be corrected as time goes. I would like to discuss a possible starting point to insert all this information.
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• 5/7/2014

Spoiler management?

Would anyone else be interested in having some kind of wiki-wide policy for handling story spoilers?
I mean like either removing or "hiding" story spoilers (such as a character dying, or becoming an apostle) on certain types of pages.
Character pages might not be practical to deal with because they're already full of "spoilers", since many characters (like Celica and Ekria) show up in multiple games and their roles change over the years. But general settings pages like Raulbhach or Timeline could theoretically be easily "fixed" if they have blatant spoilers for specific events.
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• 3/31/2014

I am willing to help correct grammar/spelling errors.

If possible, could you put all the text, and only the text, into a single file so I may review it? I ask with the hope you have some special admin tool that allows you to find and copy all text easily. If I can get just the text in a single document, I could correct all the mistakes much more quickly.
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